Our Mission

The mission of the Literacy Council of St. Petersburg is to provide free tutoring for adults who want to improve their literacy skills.

Our Vision

The Literacy Council of St. Petersburg’s vision is an educated community of lifelong learners that is well-prepared to meet the challenges of the economy and society. Without the ability to effectively use the written and digital information in the world around them, individuals are unable to help themselves, their families, their friends and their colleagues. We believe that the ability to read is an essential element of an enriched and fulfilling life.

  • We value education because it broadens an individual’s world view and strengthens the family, workplace and community.

  • Diversity of volunteers, Board of Directors, constituents and supporters is a core asset of our organization, promoting mutual understanding to create solutions that nurture sustainability and growth.

  • We engage the public with sincerity, integrity, transparency, and accountability through ethical practices that effectively fuel all aspects of operations.

  • We value opportunity because it opens doors beyond the pages of a book and forms the foundation for self-empowerment.

  • We value achievement because it’s a vehicle to an enriched life–drive and determination creates self-sufficient, confident individuals.

  • Collaboration, teamwork and community involvement are at the heart of the Literacy Council of St. Petersburg operations. We are committed to treating all parties—whether internal or external—with the utmost respect, consideration and encouragement.

  • We value impact because effectively targeting a root cause of social issues generates a ripple effect, improving health, the economy and society at large.

  • We develop and administer our programs and services with a strategic eye for excellence and innovation, pursuant to the Literacy Council of St. Petersburg’s long history of industry leadership and success.

  • We approach everyday with limitless optimism that fosters our passion for our work and inspires all parties involved to achieve results that collectively strengthen our community.

Our Values